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Being part of Hoskin Financial Planning who are Independent Financial Advisers, regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority providing financial planning services we can work closely with clients to ensure that the advice and service offered meets their expectations covering:


Long Term Care

Long Term Care planning is all about establishing ways to cover all or part of the cost of any care that may be needed now or in the future.

Long term care becomes necessary when a person suffers a disability that makes them unable to continue to maintain their standard of living and this disability is likely to continue over the long term.

The harsh fact is that a person in these circumstances will probably have to pay for it themselves or at least contribute to the cost. The care required may be in a home or at home.

What happens if care is required during old age? Will the children take care of the cost? What about the state, will they help?


Independent Annuity Option Service

An annuity converts the funds built up in your pension into a regular income for the rest of your life and at retirement, the choice of annuities may seem overwhelming.

When you retire, it can be tempting to succumb to the first fixed rate, level annuity quote you receive.

Buying your annuity from another provider could increase the income available to you, particularly where your pension provider isn’t a specialist annuity provider or doesn’t offer enhanced income based on health issues.

It is therefore sensible to shop around and there are various options to choose from if you want to make the most of your money.


Pension Review Service

Whilst we may be looking forward to long and carefree days, finally free of the rat race, the question needs to be asked – is our pension provision good enough to pay for it?

A pension review will:

  • Help you get on track with your pension savings
  • Help you understand what provision you have in place
  • Where that provision is going to place you
  • Consider how this fits with where you want to be

and then:

  • Suggest the best options for you

It is in your best interests to review your existing pension arrangements to see if you are getting the most out of your savings.



Financial markets never sit still but constantly move and evolve. In the same way, your investments will not remain static – everyday volatility will not only affect your portfolio’s overall value, it will also alter the balance of assets within it.

When you invest your hard-earned cash, you need to look after it. Just working out the ideal structure of your investments on ‘day one’ isn’t enough – instead, it is vital to keep an eye on your portfolio to make sure it continues to meet your long-term needs.

Hoskin Financial Planning Services can help you put your savings and investments to work to conserve wealth tax-efficiently. How we do this for you will depend on your objectives, timescale and attitude to risk.

For an overview of all services provided by Hoskin Financial Planning, please view our website or contact us via telephone on Maldon (01621) 876030