Paperless Society

We are now in the process of a digital revoloution and in time all your paperwork and files will be digitzed, that’s why at Hoskin Estate Planning we offer our Vault Security for all your Electronic Communication and Storage. Your very own secure filling cabinet based in the UK and backed up in the UK.

All data communications are carried out via a web browser over an encrypted industry-standard SSL channel with a minimum of 1024 bit length. All your date is encrypted at all times and the 256-bit key combination is unique to your personal filling cabinet.

Your data can be organised into sub folders and you can define your users. With our secure document storage your valuable papers will be safe and secure for ever.

Please note: Hoskin Estate Planning employees do not at any time have access to your client data Vault filling cabinet. All files are retained under UK jurisdication and include full compliance with 2003 UK Data Protection Act, Principle 8.

It is so easy to forget where you have stored all your important documents. 

Let Hoskin Estate Planning help to ensure that all your date is not only safe, but easy to find.

For more help and information about our Vault filling cabinet service please do not hesitate to contact us.